If you have visited our site, you have seen piles: piles of concrete, piles of plastic, piles of metal, and piles of wood.  What do we do with all of it?  Who wants this stuff? Is it really recycled?

We really do recycle it - almost all of it goes back into the production stream in various forms. Concrete from old driveways and retaining walls gets ground up and used for erosion control and new driveways.  Discarded wood from demolitions is ground up and burned to fuel kilns at local lumber mills.  Plastic wrap is processed to make new plastic.  Drywall scraps are ground up to make new drywall, or is applied to farm soil as fertilizer.

One of our newest projects is depackaging food that is past its consumption date and turning it into compost at Skagit Soils.  Nutrients that would have gone into the landfill are reclaimed and applied to local fields and yards instead of being wasted or going to a landfill. This has a couple of added benefits: taking this to Skagit Soils saves petroleum resources since they are our close neighbors and also reduces our area’s dependence on compost from other regions so it’s a triple win.

Everything that we process here reduces the drain of our natural resources and keeps these items out of the waste that is damaging the environment.  Each year we are able to keep many tons of material out of landfills by recycling.

We’re proud to join you being part of the recycling effort in the Pacific Northwest.