We are excited to share our blog, which will give our customers,
partners, and community information about our company and services.
Since I’m a person who would rather sit behind the wheel of a truck
or control an excavator than a keyboard, I thought the best thing I
could do is ramble on reflecting upon the world of Lautenbach
Recycling during the COVID-19 pandemic!

Our company cares deeply about our employees and when COVID-19 hit our
community, the first thing we did was to figure out how to do
business while keeping our employees safe. We have an incredible
team and they adjusted very quickly. We ramped up leadership team
meetings to a daily status update Zoom call. We then began using our
companywide app to provide daily updates to all Lautenbach Recycling
employees, sharing leadership team decisions, new protocols, and
COVID-related information. It brought us all together and gave us a
good sense of security during a very insecure time. We even held a
company-wide Zoom call and recorded it for our teammates who were on
the job somewhere and unable to attend. We followed this up with an
anonymous survey looking for feedback on how our fellow teammates
felt about the company Zoom meeting as well as our communications.
This gave us incredibly valuable feedback (mostly positive which I’m
very proud of) but some areas where we can improve.

Lautenbach Recycling leadership takes employee feedback and health as seriously
as we do our financial health. Without our incredible Lautenbach
family/team, we could not be a business. We work hard to foster an
environment where EVERYONE can speak freely about their feelings and
ideas, whether they’re praise or criticism. We have a saying that
we cannot fix what we do not know about, and are proud to have a
culture where employees speak up.

Now we are expanding on this desire for feedback to and communication
with our customers. While this blog is a new way to communicate
better with our customers, we still have the old fashioned way of the
telephone and other ways to keep in touch. We are working on our
digital platform and are looking at other ways to support this effort
as well.

We hope you will see the results of these efforts. And when you come across
another blog, a Facebook post, a tweet, a LinkedIn post or some other
type of reach out, please communicate what information you’d like
to see and how we can better support you, our customers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the importance of great
communication. We see it from our nation’s leaders – the ones
who do it well and those who don’t. We have gotten better for our
employees and now are going to get better for our customers. But we
have miles of improvements to make and I am confident we will make it

Remember – if we don’t know about it, we can’t fix it!!

for reading,